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Tru-Dry RF Kiln

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FraserWood: Innovative Solid-Sawn Timber Products Backed by Expert Service

FraserWood is a pioneering, full-service provider of timber products and services. Since our founding in 1998, we've been committed to expanding the potential of solid-sawn, engineered and heavy timbers, and have successfully helped our clients reach new heights in the area of timber-related construction:

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Timber Products

Working with a variety of wood species - like Alaska yellow cedar, white spruce, Douglas fir, Port Orford cedar, western red cedar and white pine -- FraserWood offers unrivaled expertise in the visual and structural capabilities of wood. By combining this knowledge with advanced manufacturing techniques, we've been able to expand our range of products, which now includes:

FraserWood Capabilities Brochure

FraserWood Capabilities brochure.

Production Services

A suite of value-added services backs the FraserWood product line, all intended to give our customers single-source convenience and the resourcefulness to grow their businesses. As B2B specialists, we can serve as your scalable, behind-the-scenes production department - essentially giving FraserWood clients the ability to take on any job, and any challenge. Our services include:

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