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Peter Dickson: President

Knowing the Timber Industry Through Experience

Peter DicksonAfter embarking on a Wood Science degree at the University of British Columbia, FraserWood founder Peter Dickson began a 5-year stint with Canfor, a well-established sawmill in the Pacific Northwest. From 1993 to 1998, Peter gained valuable business and operational experience in the timber industry, and started charting a course to forming his own company.

During this same period, the Coastal Forest Products Association was attempting to mitigate the negative effects of the European Union's ban on green softwood efforts that focused on innovations in dried and pasteurized timber. One development that emerged from that campaign was the large-capacity Radio Frequency Kiln, which was soon incorporated into the Canfor operation.

Forging Ahead With New Ideas

Eventually serving as Canfor's director of development and manufacturing, Peter learned first-hand the process and potential of the Radio Frequency kiln, enough to draft a business plan based on a timber-drying service. When the Canfor mill closed in 1998, Peter brokered a deal to assume ownership of the kiln, which signaled the beginning of FraserWood Industries.

With the early support of companies like Bensonwood Homes, FraserWood became the West Coast's exclusive provider of kiln-dried timber. What began as a one-man operation expanded to include 25 employees, working together to provide additional services such as re-sawing, planing and fabrication.