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British Columbia
39500 Government Road
Squamish, BC Canada V0N3G0
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Key People

Equipped with advanced degrees in wood science, time-honed craftsmanship, manufacturing expertise and a passion for extending the reach of natural timbers, the FraserWood team is a highly capable and devoted crew that places great value on both attentive customer service and superior wood products.

Peter Dickson

Peter Dickson – President

As the founder and president of FraserWood, Peter has been a driving force behind the company’s successful efforts to innovate, adapt and excel in the realm of natural timbers. (Full bio)

Keith Murray

Keith Murray – Director of Sales and Marketing

A specialist in the field of solid-sawn timbers, Keith graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor’s of Science in Wood Products Processing, and shortly after joined FraserWood. Since 2005, his responsibilities have included project analysis and quoting, customer relations, CAD designs and CNC programming.

Maria Mader

Maria Mader – Inside Sales, Customer Service and Logistics

Maria joined FraserWood in 2004, starting as a bookkeeping clerk and eventually handling inside sales, logistics and customer service. Prior to FraserWood, she studied financial management at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and assistant managed at the Squamish Chamber of Commerce, where she gained valuable business and customer-service experience.

Jamie Mak

Jamie Mak – Operations Manager

Jamie, who holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Wood Products Processing from the University of British Columbia, has been a part of the FraserWood team since 2006. He plays an integral role in every phase of the manufacturing of dry timbers, from the first cuts to the drying, scheduling, packing and shipping of FraserWood products.

Travis Eigeard

Travis Eigeard – Project Leader

Travis manages FraserWood projects from start to finish – providing quotes, CAD designs, CNC files, overseeing manufacturing and other duties. He’s worked with FraserWood since 2005; prior to that he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Wood Products Processing from the University of British Columbia.

John Lussier

John Lussier – Project Leader

With FraserWood since it's founding, John has applied his extensive mechanical engineering skills to the design, fabrication, modification and repair of the company’s equipment and machinery. As a project leader, he’s also involved in CAD modeling, wood allocation, test fitting and assembly of timber components.

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart – Project Leader

Mike advanced his engineering and wood processing skills at the University of British Columbia before joining the FraserWood team in 2004. His responsibilities include CAD modeling, CNC conversion/operation sequencing, custom handwork detailing and layout, hardware purchasing, and project reconciliation.