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FraserWood Capabilities Brochure 

FraserWood Capabilities Brochure

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Timber Framers & Builders

Have the Confidence to Say “Yes” to Any Project

FraserWood BuilderOur success as a provider of timber products and services is based on the strong collaborations we’ve forged with timber frame professionals and builders of post & beam, log homes, SIP structures and custom commercial wood structures. For these valued partners, FraserWood serves as a scalable, behind-the-scenes production department — ensuring that product quality, specs, manufacturing and delivery are handled with skill and professionalism.
In fact, these partnerships have become so integral to our operation that we’ve given them a name: TwinCrafting™

TwinCrafting: Productive Partnerships

TwinCrafting means working with builders to find the best timber solution for a project, whether it’s sourcing material, radio frequency timber drying, timber fabrication, finishing the timber frame and components, or a combination of products and services. The key is flexibility; FraserWood can enter and/or exit at any stage in the building and design process -- whatever suits the needs of our TwinCrafting partners.

FraserWood also offers TwinCrafters a suite of benefits including Partner Maps, Photo Galleries and Co-Branding opportunities.

TwinCrafting offers many advantages to your operation:

  • Take on more projects
  • Pursue more clients
  • Decrease risk
  • Increase capacity and profit
  • Grow while keeping admistrative costs down

Make FraserWood Part of Your Crew

FraserWood understands your business and how to handle your project’s timber requirements. We invite you to discover how you can increase your capability, capacity, efficiency and profitability by having FraserWood in your corner. If you are interested in becoming one of our TwinCrafters, please contact us.

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