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FraserWood Capabilities Brochure 

FraserWood Capabilities Brochure

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Trust the Design and the Wood – We Can Make it Happen

For structural engineers, there are plenty of resources for designing with concrete and steel, but seemingly too few when it comes to natural timber. That’s changed with the emergence of FraserWood. We’ve made great strides in manufacturing timber products that meet the strictest engineering specifications, including:

Helping Engineers by Advancing the Science of Natural Timber

Through innovation and invention, FraserWood can assist in the creation of timber structures that stand out – and stand the test of time. Our team is composed of engineers, scientists and manufacturing specialists who understand the importance of known quantities – stable building materials that can allow you to specify with confidence.

That’s one reason why FraserWood developed the industry’s most sophisticated softwood drying operation, producing HeartDry™ Timber that offers outstanding quality assurance in terms of moisture content, stability and performance.

Our timber products satisfy the high expectations of structural engineers:

  • Meeting Your Exact Engineering Specifications
  • Verified Strength-Test Ratings
  • Members with Exceptional Connection Capacity
  • Products that Meet AITC and APA Requirements
  • Radio Frequency Drying for Heavy Timbers – Dry to the Heart
  • Proprietary Grade Engineered Wood
  • Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Technical and Logistic Support for Architects, Engineers and Builders

A Timber Specialist Can Make All the Difference

We understand that you need a trusted source for the materials you specify. Find out what it’s like to have FraserWood in your corner.

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