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Squamish Adventure Centre

"You did a great job for Squamish & Jon's work was amazing.... I believe the building will be a great asset to the rapidly developing town and be a terrific "gateway" to the region. I would personally be pleased to work with you guys & provide referencing in the future. I really hope we have that opportunity."

Brian Sawyer, Project Manager
Compass Management
Squamish Adventure Centre

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FraserWood GrainMatchedTM Glulam

The Benefits of Glue-Laminated Timber with the Natural Look of Solid-Sawn Timber

GrainMatch<sup>TM</sup> GlulamArchitects, designers, engineers and builders recognize the benefits of standard Glulam timbers. Their greater strength, dimensional stability and connection capacity can frame larger spaces while capitalizing on the warm, natural, renewable attributes of wood. For some designers, however, the random grain, coloration and glue lines of Glulam timber can compromise the visual appeal of the structure.

Certified Strength and Stability

When your design demands a natural-looking timber, FraserWood offers state-of-the-art, agency-certified GrainMatchedTM Glulam. This product meets all of the AITC and APA requirements for glue laminate timbers, matching the strength, stability and connection capacity of other Glulam timbers. The difference is this: FraserWood's special manufacturing capabilities and attention to detail make GrainMatchedTM Glulam virtually indistinguishable from solid-sawn timber.

Innovative Manufacturing

GrainMatch<sup>TM</sup> GlulamFraserWoods manufacturing process begins with superior western woods timber, which we cut into slices, or laminae, that are labeled and numbered for drying. Before drying, we grade each lamina to assure compliance with agency standards. Following the controlled drying, the laminae are re-graded, planed, sized and glued with a water-resistant, clear adhesive, and then re-assembled in their original position. The result is a Glulam that is almost identical to solid-sawn timber in appearance, but stronger and more dimensionally stable.

Lastly, we stamp the GrainMatchedTM Glulam with the certifying agency mark, confirming to all parties that it meets the project requirements.

Special Curved Applications

A singular capability of all glue-laminate timbers is the potential to produce a curved timber. While curved timber segments can be cut out of larger timbers, this approach wastes fiber and reduces strength. For some radii of curvature and some lengths, its not possible to obtain timbers large enough. FraserWoods GrainMatchedTM Glulam can be manufactured to most curvature, depth and length combinations, generating beautiful, certifiable results while adhering to strict standards.

The Attributes of GrainMatchedTM Glulam

  • Crafted from superior western woods timber
  • Graded for peak performance
  • Exceptional stability and connection capacity
  • Meets all AITC and APA requirements for Glulam timber
  • Virtually indistinguishable from solid-sawn timber
  • Able to be produced as curved timber
  • Stamped with certifying agency mark

Available Literature

Available Sizes

  • Widths: Up to 10"
  • Depths: Up to 24"
  • Lengths: Up to 40'

GrainMatched Glulam Product Sheet

GrainMatchedTM Glualm Product Sheet. Contains information about species and production standards.
FraserWood Capabilities Brochure FraserWood Capabilities Brochure. Contains information about all of the FraserWood products and services.