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We Do Dry

Large custom-dimensioned timbers, as well as logs, can now be dried economically in a matter of days to specific moisture content and with minimal degrade.

TwinCrafting™ With FraserWood

FraserWood’s goal is to become an extension of your operations. Whether it’s for one project or an ongoing collaboration, FraserWood has developed product and service offerings to meet your needs.

Drying Services

FraserWood Knows Dry

FraserWood founder, Peter Dickson, was the first manufacturer to recognize that Radio Frequency Drying could be applied to large, solid-sawn timbers, an adapted technology weve been perfecting for the last decade. Because of those innovations, FraserWood can now offer dry timber to exacting standards up to 60 in length and 48" in depth.

Dry MeterThree Levels of Dry:

  • FaceDry™: 19% moisture content 1-1.5" from the surface
  • FraserWood RF Dry™: 19% moisture content to the heart of the timber
  • FraserWood RF Dry15™: 15% moisture content to the heart of the timber

Expert Service with Quality Assurance

We can help you choose the appropriate level and then expertly dry your timber to one of these specifications. FraserWoods quality assurance program -- with each dried timber tested before delivery -- guarantees that your expectations are met. Our deep experience with drying large, solid-sawn timbers means your product will be delivered with a minimum of twist, bow, cup and kink.

For more background information on dry timbers, see Dry Timbers.