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TwinCrafting™ With FraserWood

FraserWood’s goal is to become an extension of your operations. Whether it’s for one project or an ongoing collaboration, FraserWood has developed product and service offerings to meet your needs.

Engineering & Design Support

As a B2B company working directly with timber framers and builders, FraserWood doesnt have an architectural design staff or a raising crew. Therefore, we dont directly provide design services to homeowners or developers, nor help erect their timber-frame or post & beam structures.

Connecting to the Best in the Business

However, we can assist our valued customers with design and engineering services through our alliance with post & beam experts in those fields. We have a short list of companies who will successfully supplement your design staff, and we can offer package pricing for design and engineering when combined with the purchase of FraserWood timber products and/or services. We are happy to work closely with our designers or designers of your choice; our solid commitment to your project will be the same.

If your design staff is overloaded, we can work with your company to complete the architectural design and engineering of timber frame or heavy timber post & beam structures. Just as we are an extension of your shop, so too can we supplement your design staff by adeptly translating your design directions into a complete design and construction set of drawings.

  • Assistance with architectural design and engineering
  • Complete design and construction set of drawings
  • Package pricing when combined with timber products and services
  • Guaranteed consistency

The Benefits of Collaboration

For those especially challenging commercial projects, FraserWood can stand behind you to ensure the performance of the timber and the quality of the fabrication.

Through our allied designers and engineers, FraserWood assumes responsibility for the consistency of the plans. If your company has approved the design, including the dimensions as noted on the plans, FraserWood will guarantee that our model and the design drawings are consistent. You wont have to review or check the model we use to cut your frame. And, we can roll the design and engineering cost -- and the risk of overruns -- into our pricing, assuring price stability for your project.