Extending the reach of natural timbers.

Through strength, stability, and versatility.


From the best fibre to certified products.


Products for the most rigid applications.


Through innovative products and exceptional capabilities.

Innovative solid-sawn timber products backed by expert service

Whether it’s CNC fabrication. extensive reman capabilities, or custom textures and finishes, FraserWood has the tools and expertise to take on your timber design. We deliver every project with reliable service and meticulous accuracy.

It Begins and Ends with Quality

High quality timber products

As the leader in Radio Frequency (RF) Vacuum kiln drying, FraserWood supplies heavy timbers of unmatched stability, and their EdgeMatched and GrainMatched glulams provide solutions for the most discerning applications.

Featured project

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Supply Tapered and Turned Glulams, Precision CNC Fabrication, Installation of Steel Connections, 3 coats of Shop Applied Finish

The Pier D expansion at the Vancouver International Aiport is YVR’s largest terminal expansion since 1996. This atrium is surrounded by its own structural forest of trees fabricated of turned and tapered glue laminated timbers. The massive trunks reach towards the ceiling before reaching cast steel nodes that connect to the branches that support the roof.

Rendering of YVR's Pier D Expansion
Other projects
SMUS Finished Project
St. Michaels University School

Supply RF Dry Timbers, Glulams, Steel Connections, Precision CNC Fabrication

CNC Fabrication Project Osiem Pavilion
O’Siem Pavilion

Precision Fabrication

CNC Fabrication project at the Sea to Sky Gondola
Sea to Sky Gondola

Precision CNC Fabrication

FraserWood is a pioneering, full-service provider of timber products and services.

Since our founding in 1998, we’ve been committed to expanding the potential of solid-sawn, engineered and heavy timber, and have successfully helped our clients reach new heights in the area of timber-related construction.

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With every project, FraserWood honors a diligent commitment to quality and on-time service.

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We support architects, engineers, timber framers and builders in their pursuit to design and construct commercial and residential structures of exceptional beauty and stability.
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