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To expand the boundaries of an industry, you first need to know the potential of the product. In the realms of post & beam, timber frame and log homes, FraserWood offers the insight and experience capable of truly extending the reach of natural timbers. Our team has the focus, tools and know-how to provide a rich variety of wood products and services, from green and kiln-dried timbers to custom finishes and textures.

Capable of making it happen.
“Upon visiting the FraserWood facility in Squamish, we were impressed with the machinery and the professional staff that we were going to work with. Peter Dickson and his staff performed flawlessly, keeping all of his promises for quality and time frames.”

Jeff Patterson
Commercial Project Manager, Oregon Log Home Company

Willing to take it on

FraserWood’s in-depth knowledge of natural timbers is matched by our determination to elevate their physical capacity. Among our team are scientists, engineers and manufacturing experts, each dedicated to satisfying the current demands of commercial and residential builders while helping chart the industry’s future with new ideas and innovations. Our goal is to help our clients grow their businesses.

Ready to innovate

At FraserWood, we’ve built our reputation on being open to new ideas and creating wood products that fit the specific needs of our customers. We listen to our clients, and remain agile enough to turn concept into action. This ability to adapt and invent has helped FraserWood advance such technologies as heavy-timber drying, key-laminated beams, curved Glulam, EdgeMatched™ and GrainMatched™ laminated beams. For our clients, this means the power to say ‘Yes’ to any job.

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With every project, FraserWood honors a diligent commitment to quality and on-time service.

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We support architects, engineers, timber framers and builders in their pursuit to design and construct commercial and residential structures of exceptional beauty and stability.
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