Project Manager/Engineer

Historically, FraserWood has shied away from projects that require significant assistance with design as it has not been a part of our core business.  The recent addition of a larger Hundegger CNC machine and a Kuka robot, however, has opened the opportunity to compete for more complex projects; projects that often require significant design support.  We are also receiving more requests to include install with our commercial bids.  As part of the install scope, we are often required to provide both stamped shop drawings as well as the accompanying Schedule S-B and S-C.  We believe an inhouse engineer with experience in timber construction will be helpful when pursuing and fulfilling these projects.

Project Manager/Engineer at FraserWood
Project Manager/Engineer at FraserWood

Job Description:

Project Managers at FraserWood perform and/or manage all aspects of a project; from shop drawings and take-offs to managing outsourced materials to shop fabrication and installation.  This position has the added element of engineering not only projects that you’re managing but also projects that other PMs are working on.  The workload will ebb and flow as projects move through the production process.  There are times where the workload can be quite substantial if we, or the customer, fall behind schedule.  The job is a mix of focused computer work, project management (logistics, coordination and communication), shop manufacturing and occasional field support.

Project Manager at FraserWood

Job Duties:

  1. Work with the commercial CAD department to produce production models that satisfy the needs of the architect, engineer, customer and FraserWood’s fabrication capabilities.
  2. Assist with all aspects of quoting when help is required including pricing models, hardware counts etc.
  3. Produce or assist with shop drawings and “stamp” them when required
  4. Produce any Letters of Assurance, Schedules or documents that may be required to fulfill project requirements in your role as a structural engineer
  5. Produce stain samples and mock-ups when required
  6. Work in conjunction with staff, vendors, and customers to ensure that projects are completed successfully
  7. Advocate for the timely completion of commercial projects
  8. Quality control all shipments to the customers from steel embeds and connectors to timber/glulam quality to precision fabrication.
  9. Coordinate production with machines, staff, and raw material (this will include operating machines, hand tools etc. to ensure projects are completed on time)
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Job Skills:

  1. Understanding of architectural and structural drawings
  2. Capable in CAD (in time specifically Cadwork)
  3. Capable in any Engineering Software that may be required
  4. Capable of producing any required Schedules
  5. Safely and competently operate handwork tools (chisels, vertical bandsaws, slot cutters, beam saws, drills, power planers etc.
  6. Understand the different types of coatings and how to appropriately apply them
  7. Steel cutting, drilling, priming of steel components when necessary
  8. Safely and competently manage/supervise a field installation crew

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a civil/structural engineering program
  • BC Registered P.eng. licence
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To apply:

Please send us your resume to