Company History


Peter Dickson purchases a Radio Frequency kiln from his previous employer, Canfor, and starts FraserWood Industries, the west coasts first timber-drying service provider.


Based on growing demand from an expanding client base, FraserWood adds re-sawing and planing services to its timber-drying operation. Peter and his small crew begin a tradition of innovation, using a mobile band saw for planing, creating new textures and modifying machines to accommodate larger timber members.


FraserWood purchases a state-of-the-art CNC Hundegger Joinery Machine, initiating the company’s fabrication department and industry advancements in the realm of precision joinery fabrication.

2006 & 2007

Growing from a one-man operation to a 25-person company, FraserWood increases capacity for both its conventional and Radio Frequency kilns, making breakthrough innovations to dry timbers up to 60 feet in length and 48 inches in depth, and drying to exacting standards like 15% moisture content to the heart of the timber. Peter and team create new standards for dry timbers (FaceDry™ to HeartDry™) to help engineers and architects design timber structures with greater specificity.


With a staff that includes scientists, engineers and R&D specialists, FraserWood continues a prolific period of solid-sawn innovations, including GrainMatched™ Glulam, FaceDry™ timber, HeartDry™ timber and pressure-washed logs. FraserWood products pique the interests of builders and designers, who now have a reliable source to make possible their innovative heavy timber designs.


FraserWood, now the industry leader in timber products and services, begins stocking an inventory of Douglas fir green and dried timber, a new offering to complement the company’s broadening array of products and services.


FraserWood purchases and installs a Hundegger K2 5 axis; a machine which can cut more complex joinery on larger pieces than the old K1. After a decade of operating in two locations within Squamish, FraserWood consolidates and moves its original RF kiln to the main plant. Foreseeing growth in laminating, FraserWood designs and builds a hydraulic glulam press and certifies it with APA.


FraserWood lands its first significant commercial project, the Sea to Sky Gondola service buildings and restaurant. The success of this project spurs the addition of a new department created specifically to bid and manage commercial projects. Over the next 5 years commercial sales quadruple. A highlight of 2014/2015 was supplying HeartDry15 FOHC SS timbers for highly celebrated architect Frank Gehry’s personal residence.


FraserWood purchases the land and eight RF/V TruDry kilns formerly of Forest Grove Lumber in McMinnville, OR and begins drying in early 2016. In-house resawing is added in 2017 while planing is performed on a custom basis at various shops.


FraserWood, in conjunction with its long time customer West Coast Log Homes, designs and manufacturers 26 cabins, a restaurant and various amenities structures for Walt Disney World. In order to meet the aggressive schedule, FraserWood adds 15,000 sq ft of new manufacturing space and brings the original Hundegger K1 back into service.


A new planer line is completed, freeing up additional fabrication space.


The decline of traditional timberframe home construction, combined with the general cost of fibre and the US softwood duty convinces FraserWood to close the McMinnville, OR plant. Thirty truckloads of equipment are hauled to Canada. One of the RF/V kilns is installed immediately and is operational by the fall of 2019.

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