Conventional Glulam

Expanding the possibilities of engineered wood.

CNC fabricated douglas fir conventional glulam

The premier choice in engineered wood.

A wide range of glulam choices from your full-service provider of timber products and services

Just as FraserWood extends the reach of natural timbers, glulam expands the possibilities of engineered wood. Strong, versatile and cost effective, glulam beams offer design flexibility and resource efficiency to builders looking for innovative solutions in today’s challenging marketplace.

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3 1/8″ (80mm) or optional 3 ½” (89mm)
5 1/8″ (130mm) or optional 5 ½” (140mm)
6 ¾” (170mm)
8 3/4″ (220mm)
10 3/4″ (275mm)
Custom widths available.


Increments of 1.5″ (38mm)
Up to 73 ½” (1866.9mm)
Traditional and I-Joist compatible
Custom depths available.


Douglas fir

Yellow cedar

Port Orford cedar




Available in ANSI and CSA certified layups and structural grades.

Textures and Finishes

As with FraserWood’s heavy timber offerings, glulams can be finished with a number of textures and treatments to achieve a variety of appearances and levels of protection. See Textures and Finishes.

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