Dry Timber

Straight, square and stable. Radio frequency vacuum kiln dried timber.

FraserWood is the leader in RF dry timber with the largest drying capacity in North America.

From the West Coast’s pioneer of radio frequency kiln dried timber

For many projects, green timber meets all the design needs. When engineering or aesthetics dictate a more reliable, predictable and dimensionally stable product, FraserWood provides superior RF vacuum kiln dried timber that assures a higher standard and the rock-solid conviction that the product you specify is the one delivered.

The Attributes of FraserWood Dry Timber

– Crafted from superior western woods timber

– Graded for peak performance

– Exceptional stability and connection capacity

– Custom requested levels of dry

– PEFC™ certification available

Kiln Capacity

Widths: Up to 50”
Depths: Up to 50”
Lengths: Up to 60’ *

*Some width limitations beyond 42′

Three levels of excellence of dry timber

Faced with the industry’s uncertainty of what constitutes dry timber along with competition from less-advanced drying service providers, FraserWood has made it clear and simple for clients by marketing three levels of “dry.” These options allow designers and engineers to confidently specify the appropriate product:

FaceDry™ Timber

Maxmium 19% moisture content 1” from the surface. For uses where a finish, such as paint or stain, will be applied to the timber. The member is dried in FraserWood’s conventional kiln promoting acceptable performance of finishes and coatings and is comparable to most of our competitors’ definitions of “kiln-dried.”

FraserWood RF Dry™ Timber

Our most popular drying option

Maximum 19% moisture content three inches in toward the heart of the timber. For applications with strict engineering specifications and higher performance expectations, such as commercial projects or for high quality timberwork where finishes and joinery must look just as good 5 years after installation as they do the day installed.

FraserWood RF Dry15™ Timber

Maximum 15% moisture content three inches in toward the heart of the timber. For use in more extreme circumstances, such as those in very dry North American localities where year-round relative humidity will typically remain at or below 30%. FraserWood achieves this specification through increased dwell time in our radio frequency kiln.

Free of Heart Center

More stable than a boxed heart timber because the smaller, radial shrinkage does not restrict the tangential shrinkage.

Boxed Heart

Because most woods shrink roughly twice as much tangentially as radially, significant seasoning checks are common.

Custom levels of radio frequency dry timber

When project demands require it, we can dry to custom levels. With many species, we can dry timber to levels as low as 8% average moisture content.

Available Species

Coastal Douglas Fir
Alaskan Yellow Cedar
Port Orford Cedar

All of our RF vacuum kiln dried timber is crafted from superior western wood species.

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