EdgeMatched Glulam

Achieve the highest level of strength, flexibility, and visual appeal with FraserWood’s EdgeMatched™ Glulam.

Achieve the highest level of strength, flexibility, and visual appeal with FraserWood’s EdgeMatched™ Glulam

The benefits of laminated timber with the consistent, clean look of clear timbers

EdgeMatched™ Glulam beams are manufactured to meet the demanding APA strength, stiffness and connection capacity requirements for glue-laminated timbers. They also meet a higher standard for dimensional tolerance, stability, squareness and, above all, visual appeal. The FraserWood method of building glulam timbers yields an engineered wood product recognizable for its beauty and clean, vertical grain lines.

The Attributes of EdgeMatched™ Glulam

– Crafted from superior western wood species

– Vertical grain or flat-sawn narrow face options

– Manufactured as straight or curved members

– Exceptional strength, stability and connection capacity

– Meets all ANSI and APA requirements for glulam timber (not CSA)

– Stamped with certifying agency mark on request

Available Sizes

Widths: Up to 16”
Depths: Up to 36”
Lengths: Up to 45’

Available Species

Douglas Fir
Pacific Coast Maple
Port Orford Cedar
Yellow Cedar
White Spruce
Others upon request

Certified strength and stability

EdgeMatched glulam beams meet all ANSI and APA requirements for structural glue-laminated timbers. When determining the required beam size and strength, just use the same approach you would use to design a standard glulam beam. All of the same specifications apply.

Straight or Curved

Known for delivering dry, stable and square timbers of accurate dimension, FraserWood is extending this tradition to its glulam products. Just as with standard glulam, we manufacture both straight and curved EdgeMatched™ Glulams, and we’ll ensure your order is completed to the FraserWood standard of quality. Take advantage of EdgeMatched™ Glulams’ outstanding specifications and design flexibility to meet your most demanding project requirements.

Custom to meet your needs

Our APA-certified manufacturing methods allow us to manufacture EdgeMatched™ beams to meet your specific needs. We can manufacture any standard or custom glulam dimensions specifically for your project. In addition, we also have the ability to craft the appearance of the face lamina by modifying species, thickness and grain orientation. For example, for a beam that would be featured as a column, we can expose clear vertical grain on all four faces.

Crafted from superior western wood species.

Talk to us about your custom EdgeMatched™ Glulam project.

We support architects, engineers, timber framers and builders in their pursuit to design and construct commercial and residential structures of exceptional beauty and stability.
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