Key-Laminated Beams

Fusing modern innovation with 19th century craftsmanship.

Updating a building technique common in the late 1800’s, FraserWood now offers large, solid-sawn members that are mechanically laminated rather than glue laminated – a unique timber product that speaks to a bygone era of beauty and engineering virtuosity.

Relying on our industry leading, quality wood fiber and the analytical methodology recently developed by Fire Tower Engineered Timber’s Joe Miller, Ph.D., P.E., FraserWood can produce beams to depths of 48″ and lengths of 60′, literally extending the reach of natural timbers.

The attributes of Key-Laminated Beams

– Beams are joined mechanically–not glued

– Up to 90% as efficient as solid wood

– Depths up to 48″ and lengths up to 60′

– Craftsman-style appearance

– Custom configurations available, including columns

– PEFC certification available

Available Species

Douglas Fir
Port Orford Cedar
Western Red Cedar
White Spruce

Exceptional strength and enhanced appearance

To create Key-Laminated Beams, we join RF Dry™ solid-sawn timbers along their lengths using “keys.” (For these beams to behave as designed, all the components must be dry.) Typically, the keys are hardwood wedges, joined transversely to the adjacent timbers to transfer shear and limit interlayer slip. Properly designed and engineered, Key-Laminated Beams are up to 90% as efficient as solid wood beams of like dimension.

Efficient use of natural resources

Key-Laminated Beams are certainly a greener option than using a solid sawn alternative of similar dimensions. The wood required for deep keyed beams can be made from smaller trees, sourced from sustainable forests.

The Craftsman-style look of Key-Laminated Beams brings a beauty equal to solid-sawn timber and superior to most glulam beams. Key-Laminated Beams can set a project apart and make the structure a striking example of quality craftsmanship.

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