Turned poles

When a project requires posts and poles of first-rate quality, FraserWood provides exceptional capabilities and the on-site resources to help get the job done.

Turned poles cut and dried with custom precision.

The Details that Make an Exceptional Timber-Frame Project

FraserWood starts with the same high-quality fiber we use for all our products. Posts are finish turned on the lathe to achieve diameters with a tolerance of +/-1/8 inch.

Working with various wood species, we manufacture poles and columns as follows:

– Solid Timber or Glulam

– Machine Turned or sanded smooth

– Diameters: 4 to 24 inches

– Lengths: 8 to 40 feet

– Solid Timber or Glulam

– Straight or Tapered

– Green or Kiln Dried

Available Species

Alaska Yellow Cedar
Douglas Fir
Port Orford Cedar
Western Red Cedar
White Spruce

Re-Sawing Options

For situations where the post needs to have a flat-edged or notched profile, we can hold the finished post in our re-sawing jig and accurately add this detail to the post.

For those unique wood poles that can help define the look of a structure, turn to the adaptable, skilled and experienced professionals at FraserWood.

Turned Pole

Sanded Pole

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