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At FraserWood, we’ve built our reputation on being open to new ideas and creating wood products that fit the specific needs of our customers. We listen to our clients, and remain agile enough to turn concept into action.
Featured Project

The Boathouse at Sanctuary by WestBank

The Boathouse at Sanctuary by WestBank stands out as the show piece of this substantial development.

Sewell's Marina Boathouse
Featured Project

Tahoe Beach Club

Continuing our 20 year partnership with Swaback Partners, Tahoe Beach Club presented a number of challenges that FraserWood was able to help resolve.

Tahoe Beach Club Entrance
Featured Project

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

As part of the Pier D expansion, this atrium is surrounded by its own structural forest of trees fabricated of turned and tapered glue laminated timbers.

YVR Airport VRCA Awards of Excellence 2021 Silver Winner for Manufacturers and Suppliers
Featured Project

St. Michaels University School Sun Centre

Architect Paul Merrick’s inspired stately and uplifting space truss design for the SMUS Sun Centre utilized many of FraserWood’s unique capabilities.

Other Projects

Crested Butte Center for the Arts

Crested Butte Center for the Arts

Supply Douglas Fir Glulam, Douglas Fir NLT, Precision Fabrication, Shop Applied Stain, Custom Steel Connections, Site Survey

FraserWood Project Snaw Na As Gas Station

Snaw-Naw-As Gas Station

Supply Green and RF Dry Timbers, Douglas Fir Glulams, Precision Fabrication, Shop Applied Stain, Custom Steel Connections

Lynn Valley Town Centre

Lynn Valley Town Centre

Glulam Supply, Precision CNC Fabrication, Shop Applied Stain, Steel Connections

Dry Timber Project at Chemainus Library

Chemainus Library

Timber, Glulam, Precision CNC Fabrication, Steel Connections

CNC Fabrication Project Osiem Pavilion

O’Siem Pavilion

Precision Fabrication

CNC Fabrication project at the Sea to Sky Gondola

Sea to Sky Gondola

Precision CNC Fabrication

Edgematched Glulam Project at Vista House

Vista House

EdgeMatched Glulam, Precision CNC Fabrication

Dry Timber Project at Epic Farm Campus

Epic Farm Campus

Dry Timber, Glulam, Precision CNC Fabrication

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