Fraserwood Project:

St. Michaels University School Sun Centre

Victoria, BC

Unleashing the potential of CAD/CAM.

Architect Paul Merrick’s inspired stately and uplifting space truss design for the SMUS Sun Centre utilized many of FraserWood’s unique capabilities. From orienting spherical nodes for fabrication, to embedding steel tension plates internally in timber braces, to assembling a roof system that can’t support itself until the final pin is set, FraserWood’s project managers maximize the potential of CAD/CAM to find innovative, practical solutions to complex project challenges.

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Merrick Architecture

Engineering of Record


Engineer of Connections



Campbell Construction


Victoria, BC



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Kyle Slavin

fraserwood’s role

Supply RF Dry Timbers, Glulams, Steel Connections, Precision CNC Fabrication

Complicated steel connections

Each spherical node was comprised of six laser-cut plate connections. The digital model was used to design and fabricate jigs that would allow the connection plates to be accurately located and welded in place.

  Steel Connections Services

Embedded steel tension plates in timbers

Timbers were split prior to drying and fabrication. After fabrication they were laminated back in their original orientation with the steel in place, creating an almost invisible lamination.

Assembly of a complex roof system

A detailed raising plan was developed to facilitate assembling a roof structure that could not support itself until all members were in place.

FraserWood’s team of CAD specialists will work with you to deliver practical solutions to complex project challenges.