Fraserwood Project:

Tahoe Beach Club

Lake Tahoe, CA

Offsite prefabrication for a constrained building location.

Continuing our 20 year partnership with Swaback Partners, Tahoe Beach Club presented a number of challenges that FraserWood was able to help resolve. Between the high altitude short building season, the delicate and constrained site, and the strictly regulated lakefront location, offsite fabrication was a necessity. Additionally, FraserWood provided expertise with concurrent Design Assist, fabrication of large curves, a specialty texture, and staged delivery to accommodate construction sequencing.

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Swaback Partners


FireTower Engineered Timber


SierraCon Inc


Lake Tahoe, CA



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Vance Fox

fraserwood’s role

Glulam supply, Custom curve glulams, Precision Fabrication, Custom texture, Shop applied finishes

Custom curves pressed with precision.

The numerous trusses included curved collar ties that were pressed in-house to ensure accuracy and ease of assembly.

Curved Douglas Fir Glulam in Press
Custom Curved Douglas Fir Glulam in Press

Custom Texture

FraserWood worked with project stakeholders to refine the texture to achieve the desired effect.

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Custom texture on curved douglas fir glulams
Custom texture on curved douglas fir glulams

Design Assist

FraserWood worked closely with Fire Tower Engineered Timber to assist in bridging the gap between the concept and a fabrication ready 3D model.

Rendering of Tahoe Beach Club Pergola
Precision Fabricated Douglas Fir Pergola Components
Precision Fabricated Douglas Fir glulam truss
Custom Textured and Fabricated Douglas Fir Components
Precision Fabricated Douglas Fir Glulam Trusses

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