Textures and Finishes

FraserWood’s skill with heavy timbers includes the ability to accentuate its inherent attributes. We have the saws, machines, tools, know-how and creativity to produce almost any texture or finish, be it traditional or original. Whether the design requires a circular-sawn or band-sawn texture, a weathered barn-timber look, or something as different as a modern, highly polished, hard-finished, European look, FraserWood will work with your company to create it.

Preserving the beauty and character of natural wood

We’re not done until it’s finished

FraserWood also offers finishing services. The beauty of a finished frame or heavy timber project can be enhanced and preserved by an appropriate finish. Whether its treating, sealing, staining, or painting, FraserWood will work with your team to define and implement the design finish that meets your specifications.

Creating the right timber surface

FraserWood will create traditional or new textures for your project by modifying various processes such as hewing, sawing, planing, draw knifing, brushing, sanding, belting and blasting, or by innovating an altogether new process. With our experience and manufacturing knowledge, we can help you realize the textured look of your design.

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We support architects, engineers, timber framers and builders in their pursuit to design and construct commercial and residential structures of exceptional beauty and stability.
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